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A Guidebook for funds archive   


«The Guidebook to funds of the State archive of Primorsky Territory and its branch in Ussuriisk» had been prepared and published in 1987 by the State archive of Primorsky Territory. Has passed more than 20 years, archival funds have replenished with new documents, and archive with new funds. In this time data on structure and quantity of the documents, containing in the guidebook have become outdated, there was a necessity of their updating and, accordingly, processing and guidebook reprinting were required.
  The guidebook prepared for the edition represents more detailed reference edition acquainting a wide range of researchers with structure and the maintenance of funds of state archive of Primorsky region. Data on all funds which are stored in State archive of Primorsky region as of 01.01.2009г are brought in it, except funds of the political organizations.
Work on addition and reprinting of «the Guidebook to funds of the State archive of Primorsky region» has begun in 2001. The plan-project and the guidebook scheme, working group as a part of 5 persons have been confirmed. For an operating time over the guidebook the structure of working group varied in connection with personnel changes.
  The present guidebook represents the first volume of the directory on funds of the State archive of Primorsky Territory and consists of two parts: funds of the Before-Soviet period, funds of the Soviet and Post-Soviet periods.
  The first part consists of six sections in which the characteristic of small group of the funds containing documents of the end XIX - the beginning of the XX-th centuries is given. These are funds of local public authorities and class self-management, policemen, military, tax, economic, ground building establishments, education and public health services establishments.
  The second part covering in basic funds of the Soviet and Post-Soviet periods, consists of 27 sections in which the description of funds of local state governing bodies, administrative bodies, establishments, the organizations and the enterprises of various industries, agriculture, national education, public health services, a science, culture, public organizations of different patterns of ownership is given.
  The branch sign is applied to grouping of funds. Inside the sections funds settle down on chronology, and also on degree of the importance and departmental subordination of the founders of the funds.
Collections of archival documents, audiovisual documents and fund of scientifically-help library are allocated in independent sections.
Funds of state archive of the edges containing documents on staff of establishments and the organizations are described in the directory «Documents on staff of the State archive of Primorsky Territory» (2001) and in its addition. Funds of a personal origin are described in the directory «Funds of a personal origin of the State archive of Primorsky Territory» (2000). Funds of the political organizations (2021 fund) in the given volume of the guidebook are not presented. They will be described in the second volume of the directory.
  The fund characteristic contains in the guidebook: the fund name, extreme dates of activity of the founder of funds, the help data about fund, the historical inquiry and the summary.
Help data includes: fund number, its volume in terms of storage, extreme dates of documents, numbers of inventories, instructions on presence of scientifically - help device (indexes, the catalogue).
  In historical inquiries data on creation, reorganization, liquidation, structure of the founder of funds, its functions, a network of subordinated establishments are reflected. Historical inquiries contain data on presence in archive of funds of the organizations-predecessors and assignees, about features of formation of documents of funds, about presence of share inclusions and not documentary periods of the activity, separate inventories on documents on staff.
  The summary includes data on specific structure of documents, their subjects, dates.
Data on the documents declassified in state archive during the period after an exit in the press of the first edition of the present Guidebook (1987) are included in summaries about structure and the maintenance of documents.
Considering that the edge state archive publishes the directory on staff (2000) and in 2009 addition to it will be published, data on presence of separate inventories are included in the guidebook on staff in fund without the characteristic of structure of documents only.
  The Explanatory notes to the guidebook consist of the title page, the maintenance, the preface, the list of reductions, appendices.
As appendices are given: the index of the funds included in the guidebook, the nominal index, the index of funds on staff and funds of a personal origin. To the guidebook the general bibliography also is made.
  Now the electronic variant of the Guidebook is in a set in publishing house «Russian island» Vladivostok. The circulation of 150 copies is planned. The exit of the guidebook from the press is expected in June of this year.

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