Государственное казённое учреждение "Государственный архив Приморского края"

 The state archive of the Primorsky region (SAPR) is the biggest state archive on the Far East. It carries out acquisition, constant storage, account and the use of the documents of the archive funds of the Primorsky region.
From 1991 the documents of the former party archive of the Primorsky region of the regional committee of CPSU was a part of the state archive.
  As of January, 1st, 2009 3476 funds in total amount of 1077329 units of storage is being stored in the State archive of the Primorsky region, including 1030016 units of storage on a paper basis from 1889 till 2008.
Mainly it is the documents of the Soviet period reflecting history of Primorsky region, history of the developing of national economy, science, cultures, formations, public health service of our corner of the world for 1920-1990.
The documents of the before soviet period (16 funds) have incomplete data on activity of volost managements, establishments, the Cossack connections, the military units managing a settlement of immigrants in sub districts, about a condition of a forestry, public health services, formation.
  We name some of funds: fund of Army management of the Ussuriisk Cossack army, fund the Trading "Churin and Co", fund of 12th East-Siberian Its Shooting imperial Majesty of the successor of a cesarevitch a regiment, fund of Aleksandrovsky school of long voyage, the Collection of documents of the Vladivostok security branch, etc.
  The fund of Priamursky national meeting is the unique fund by the period of civil war and interventions.
Documents of times of civil war, intervention and the first years of the Soviet power, stored in our archive, show activity of guerrilla groups in territory of Primorsky region, open process of political reprisals in 30th years in region (about eviction of the persons carried to a category of fists and deprivation of their suffrages; about deportation of citizens of the Korean nationality from Primorsky Territory to Central Asia, about persons unreliable - the former White Guards, etc.).
  In the archive funds data on activity of extreme bodies of a revolutionary power, bodies of the Soviet power, bodies and the CPSU organizations, the organization of all-Union Lenin communistic the youth union, about activity of bodies of the state control, about administratively - territorial changes and establishments of borders of areas; about activity of the Soviet bodies in days of the Great Patriotic   War 1941-1945, the organizations of work of the enterprises, about the help to front, about post-war restoration of a national economy, about a condition and development of the industry, rural and a forestry, building, transport, cooperation; about development of an infrastructure of cities and edge villages; about land tenure and land management of collective farms, about collectivization; about population census results; results of inspection of a national economy, national and a population social composition; financing and crediting, about a labour market condition, about a network, the organization and activity of establishments of national education, public health services, a science, culture;    About activity of judicial authorities, national courts; about a network, number and structure trade-union and public organizations; about defensive-sports work among the population; about development of socialist competition, an efficiency work and invention, improvement of professional skill of shots are being contained.
  Archive funds contain weight of interesting documents for the researchers who are engaged in scientific work of schoolboys, students of higher educational institutions, journalists, and simply usual people, who are being interested in history: about labour and fighting participation of the Primorsky people in the Great Patriotic War, about scope of post-war industrial, housing and cultural building; about development of animal, crab and whaling craft. Documents on formation of a fishing industry of Primorsky region, a sea merchant marine fleet are widely presented. There are documents on staff (orders on staff, sheets of charge and salary payment, private affairs) in funds of the liquidated establishments, the enterprises and the organizations.
  Part of funds of the State archive of Primorsky region, containing basically the documents for 1920-1960 of the XX-th century, simultaneously are funds of municipal archival establishments of Primorsky region. The basically regional, city, village councils of edge, their executive committees and departments of executive committees have these funds.
From documents on edge stories a number of thematic collections is generated.
Since 1964 the collection of documentary photographs is formed: negatives, positives, the thematic albums which have embodied the basic events in a life of edge, and also video and audio documents.
Archival funds of a personal origin - 90, among them funds of the first woman - sea captain A.I.Shchetinina, writer A.A. Fadeev, scientific, doctor of historical sciences G.S.Kutsy, the first secretary of the Primorsky regional committee of CPSU V.P. Lomakin, regional specialist B.V. Avgustovsky, the philologist, the ethnographer, the author of the textbook nivhsky language G.A. Otaina and others.
  As a part of scientifically-help library editions of acts of the pre-revolutionary and Soviet periods, the modern legislation of the Russian Federation and edge are being completed; periodic editions - the newspapers, magazines, including left till 1917, and also rare and unique editions on stories of the Far East and Primorsky region.
  The archive continues to be completed with modern documents.



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